I really didn’t want to weigh in this week. I was sure that it was going to be brutal. I had a hard week and leapt face first into comfort food that does nothing for physical comfort but oh-so-much for emotional comfort.

I made a lot of decisions this week that were unequivocally the right decisions but that were really hard to make, none the less. Life is about to change and it felt like it strongly merited a grilled cheese sandwich and fries, some cookies, a chai tea latte, and enough coffee to wake up a sleeping elephant. Note: these were not all consumed on the same day.

This morning I not only had to fight myself out of bed (twice), but I had to give myself quite the pep talk before I could get myself on the scale. After a few deep breaths and curse words, I did it.

I was surprised that I only gained one pound this week and that I’m still down from the weekend weigh in for my monthly measurements. Considering how my stomach felt last night after the grilled cheese and fries, I didn’t think it was going to be pretty. Luckily, my stomach mellowed out this morning and it hasn’t bothered me much so far today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the patterns that might contribute to when I lose weight, gain weight, and maintain. The factors I thought were playing a major role might be contributing a lot less. I’m experimenting with adding and removing those things to see what effect they have but I don’t have any conclusions yet. Dairy, sleep, salty foods, coconut oil, and caffeine are all on my list of “what do you actually do to my body?”

On the top of my list of salty foods to question are these:

Plate of Delicious

That masterpiece is my new favorite lunch. I think it’s healthy…

Anyway, let’s talk goals!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Get rested – I did, in fact, make sure that I got rested this week. I wouldn’t have made it through all of the battles I’ve been fighting if I hadn’t. While I haven’t made the 10:30 pm “turn everything off” deadline ever single night this week, I have gotten to sleep by the time need to and have felt much better as a result.

2. Finish resume… for real – I didn’t even touch it. There’s not really anything to say about this goal. I hate dealing with my resume but it needs to be done.

3. One cup of coffee a day – I was successful with this one a few days this week but I also had a few days where I failed miserably. It wasn’t even about the caffeine; I just wanted something warm and creamy because I was feeling emotional.

This Week’s Goals

1. Start doing small stretches and exercises – My massage therapist showed me a few stretches and exercises that might help with my tension in certain areas. In general, since I started massage therapy, my body’s been feeling much better and I’m feeling just about ready to actually start exercising again. In the meantime, I think it would be a really good idea to actually do the exercises that were recommended because they’ll probably help speed the process and will make a good warm up for getting back to working out.


Eh, that’s pretty much all. It’s a good goal.

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