Last weekend I received a new camera for my birthday. I didn’t think that I wanted it until 30 seconds later when I realized all the photo op fun that could be had with dinner.

That’s me and Franklin. Yep, I name even food.

Last Sunday I got to take the first picture of the weekly cooking I do at my mom’s apartment. Here’s the end result. Lots of Brussels Sprouts!

At the top is steamed Brussels Sprouts, on the left in the hearts is my beloved Quiche Cups (recipe coming soon!), in the middle is broccoli with shrimp, and on the right is Brussels Sprouts with balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, and Parmesan.
On Thursday the camera came out again to go to the local Farmer’s Market that was opening that day. A few days ago I listed some of the reasons that I love Seattle. Here’s another. This is what I work less than a block from.

I was surprised that the Farmer’s Market was so small, I guess I had expected something a little more grand because of the size of Pike Place Market and others like it. It’s just a little neighborhood one though.

We bought some vegetables, berries, and nuts and got a free natural soda. I told my mom that if she posed nicely with it I’d put her on my blog and make her super famous.

I think that this child also wants to be super famous on my blog because she kept moving strategically to where I was taking a picture of her family’s greens stand. Here you are little child, your fifteen minutes of fame. Please don’t turn into Miley Cyrus from it.
On the Way back to work I discovered that Seattleites do, in fact, have too much free time.

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