The first day back at the gym is always hard, right? It seemed to me, rather, that the disappointment of knowing that I could have worked myself harder that was hard on me. I thought I would be dying after two weeks of exercise abistenence but instead, at the end, I just felt peevish that I hadn’t felt like I was dying at the end. Sure my heart rate went a little higher than normal, but not by so much.

We did a group walk at work today, which was fun. I don’t know how far it was or how productive of a workout it was, but I enjoyed it. Tonight I’m doing weights. I hate them. It’s strange because I used to love them but now I just don’t at all. I just blast my music and try to remind myself that this is the way to make my body change the fastest in a healthy way. Suck though it may…

I’ll do what I have to in order to see those numbers keep going down and to see my booty looking more and more normal. Today the scale had another dramatic drop and I am really hoping that it sticks. I never quite believe it when I see that. I’m crossing my fingers though.

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