That’s me. There should be a metal or a trophy but I’m too lazy to see if there is, in fact, one. I’d rather take a nap. Ever since I got home from vacation my motivation has been equal to that of a… nope can’t think of anything and I’m not going to take the effort. See, it’s that bad.

I think that I might have PVSD. It’s like PTSD but it’s Post Vacation Sleepy/Stupid Disorder. Self diagnosis aside, it’s been a rough few days due 100% to my own stupidity.

I somehow didn’t realize that this throbbing headache I was experiencing was from dehydration that was slowly getting worse and worse. I didn’t seem to occur to me that lack of water intake was going to cause any adverse reactions.

The whole thing came to a climax last night when I collapsed in the shower. Twice. I didn’t pass out I just flomped down because I was on the edge of passing out. I felt the strongest urge to throw up, totally queasy, and a sudden dampening of sound and light. It was a little intense.

At the moment I thought it might be a blood sugar issue but I don’t actually have blood sugar problems and I’ve passed out before from low blood sugar a few years ago when I didn’t eat for a few days. I was “fasting.” Stupid girl. The point is, I know what that feels like but this was completely different. It was disgusting.

It’s ironic, you know, to nearly pass out from dehydration while in the shower. Ironic, and stupid.

It amazes me when I think about how many problems I’ve had with water. I’ve both over dosed on water and had serious problems with dehydration. I guess it’s still a work in progress.

In celebration of my complete and utter underachieving I’m reopening the challenge up to anyone who is in it but didn’t complete all of the first three challenges. I passed this one but haven’t passed them all.

The last week of the challenge will definitely be the hardest and if you can do it than it’s enough for me to consider you for one of the spa gift certificates. The challenge of the week is to have a sugar free week. No sugar or sugar substitutes.

Stay away from anything with sugar or sugar substitutes as an ingredient. This does not include, of course, natural sugar in things like fruit and vegetables. Those are perfectly fine. If you have any questions about specifics feel free to send me a message but I think you’ll be able to judge pretty well what’s allowed and what’s not.

Oh, and while it’s not part of the challenge, go drink a glass or two of water.

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