Again I did nothing but lay in bed, cough, and watch old episodes of SVU. I am starting to feel my skin getting looser in some areas and I also noticed that my boobs are deflating. I have to admit from the beginning that I am not opposed to cosmetic surgery and if my sking doesn’t bounce back I certainly will get it taken in. Itsn’t that a nice way to put that, it’s like fixing a garment, isn’t that a bit appropriate? My poor shrinking boobs will also need some help. I certainly wouldn’t get implants, but I’d like them to look normal and nor like two floppy sacks. Maybe as time goes on my skin will catch up with the weight loss. It isn’t like I’ve even been at it for very long but I am already seeing differences and changes.

Because of my cheating and looking at the scale, I know that I will either be 280 or ridiculously close. I am thinking about letting myself have one of those sodas because of how they generally help my throat but I don’t know if I would be able to keep it to just one. Reading back I realized that I had said that if I cheat on Phase 1 that I would start over again and do two more weeks, but I don’t know if I want to do that. I am starting to really want some bread or something sweet. The question for the moment is do I meet the craving half way or do I just stay completely away from everything sweet and tough it out? I really don’t know which way I should go on the issue. I need to be smarter about variety in my food or I will burn out really soon. For now things are fine and maybe my discontent is stemming from me not feeling well.

Oh, to follow up on my goals for the week:

I did plan a day ahead what I was going to make for the week with the exception of yesterday and today. I also got myself moving and exercising more than last week every day until the weekend. I also didn’t cheat in my eating with off list foods. Over all I’m happy with the week and I’m excited for the weigh in tomorrow.

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