Yesterday, while trying to decide what I ought to blog about… and then never did… I started thinging about the fact that there were a few things I was not discussing on here. I decided that a lie of ommission is still a lie and that I should talk about something that I didn’t really want to. I don’t know if this will be too much information… but who cares, I’ve already blogged about my poop.

The first thing, and the possible TMI, is that I have stopped running because the impact created a small tear in the very bottom of my pooch where it meets my pubic region. I was really frightened about this at first because the skin seemed to have separated from the flesh and fat and it looked like I just had a hole in my skin with no apparent reason. It took a while for me to realize that it appeared to be a hole and not a tear because of how I was stretching my skin to look at it.

I already miss running, I really enjoy it and will get back to it as soon as I get a little more belly fat off me. In the mean time I am going to focus more on strength training and getting my heart rate up from working hard at that. I’ve been reading alot of articles about preparation for running because it is hard on your body and I realized that I hadn’t done any of it. I love my running intervals, though, and I intend to work hard and earn the right and ability to do them again.

The second item I had been deciding on whether or not to tell is that I cheated pretty majorly yesterday. I was going out to a happy hour with some co-workers who wanted to get appetizers and not just drinks. We decided to get tempura vegetables and deep fried calamari. Now, I realize that the inside of all of these things were good but the delicious fried batter on the outside were definitely not. I felt it for most of today. I spent too much of my morning fighting the feeling that I had undone so much of my hard work and tried as hard as possible to move on. Dwelling in my cheats does no good. There was no point in it. I think that part of why I decided to take that cheat, though, was because of the events of the prior night. Knowing that makes me feel a little better and a little more proactive for the future. I think that I was trying to hard to get past the feelings of the night and in my attempt for apathy, I extended it to my food choices. That is the one place I should not allow apathy.

Tonight I am going out to a club for several hours of dancing, I’ll tell all about it tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a good time.

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