So, the election is over and the crazy “legitimate rape, easy rape, forcible rape, emergency rape, etc.” representatives have been voted out of office. It seems like quite the victory, right? Cool, we can all sleep a little easier knowing that this is the case.

But hold on, can we really take that deep breath just yet?


There’s still a hotly debated issue that needs your attention in the political world. Have you ever heard of the Violence Against Women Act? This is something that still desperately needs attention because if the issue isn’t decided by the end of the year, the bill goes down the toilet.

For the last few months, I’ve been obsessively watching the lack of progress on this bill. It’s been killing me. In my post, Bring On The Fight, I talked about wanting to do something more, wanting to fight on a bigger level than just reporting my rape. I also mentioned that part of the reason I reported the rape was because I had to stand up for myself before I could ask anyone else to do so.

I did and now I’m asking.

Most people will only do wrong when they either think they can get away with it or when the satisfaction of the wrongdoing outweighs the consequences. To battle violence against women, the consequences need to be greater than the satisfaction the perpetrators get from doing it.

This piece of legislation helps do just that. The Violence Against Women Act provides funding to investigation and prosecution of violence against women, funding for victim’s assistance services, and protection for victims. Since it was enacted, domestic violence has decreased by over 50%.

It sounds like a win, right? So, why won’t the house pass this bill after it quickly made its way through the senate?

House Republicans objected to pieces of the bill and pushed through a version that strips away protection from Native Americans, immigrants, or LGBT victims.

With only a few days left in the 112th Congress, we need to be heard by the many Republican representatives who oppose the full Senate version of the bill.

What can you do?

Sign this petition! Share the petition. Help get as many signatures for this as we can.

Find out who your representative is here and let them know in no uncertain terms that passing this bill is important to you. If you can’t find the right words, this email might help you out.

Bloggers – write about it and urge your readers to do the same thing.

Readers – Link this post and other posts like it, Facebook it, Email it. Tweet it, tell your favorite bloggers to write about it.

The good news is that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), a central figure in VAWA negotiations, is meeting with the female Republican representatives this morning to discuss the bill. It could mean progress or it could mean the presentation of another stripped down version of the bill.

Please help get the full version of the act reauthorized before the end of the year.

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