Some of the changes I’ve gone through have really amazed me, other have been surprising, but not much made me happy like the change I’ve just noticed in my feet. I spent nine years in ballet, dancing with both the Maine State Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Both of those organizations were very careful to advance their dancers slowly and would not let us do point work until we were through a certain point in our development and were careful about how much time we spent on our toes in general.

Because of this, I probably pay much more attention to my feet than most people would. Before I gained a huge amount of weight I thought I had great feet. With a high arch and silly looking toes, I was quite happy with them. When I gained weight, though, they looked really disgusting. I had chub making it look like I had no arch and pudge off the outsides of my feet. They were generally chubby and looked laughable in most cute shoes so I started wearing tennis shoes and flip flops.

Over this last week I took notice of my feet again because I pinched a nerve in one of my toes. Despite my annoyance at now having a numb spot I noticed that my feet are starting to look like those dancers feet again. They are looking better in shoes again and my painted toe nails look pretty adorable with my still silly toes.

It’s probably a little ridiculous to write an ode to my feet but this is the change that I am the most excited about so far. Yep, I know it’s a little strange. No, I don’t have a foot fetish. No, they don’t look perfect yet but it’s another one of those things I can look at and smile about. I’ve never had cankles but I’m hoping that the trend will work it’s way up to my calves. My leg is pretty much shaped like a perrier bottle. Ridiculous.

For those who read this post and thought WTF!?!? don’t worry, tommorow I’ll be delivering the normal progress stats.

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