Since about last Thursday my mind has been consumed in certain uncertainties in my life and I’ve let other things fall by the wayside. Kendra, it’s time to get your shit together. I have money back in my account, time to get some sleep, drive to go for a run this weekend, and a tomato in my hand right this very moment. Yep, things are better.

Upon opening my desk drawer this morning, though, I saw three little things that made me say a four letter word. I had forgotten about the Mountain High Yoghurt coupons I was giving away. I’m sorry and I suck. Since there were only three comments on that post, those three win! The only problem is that one of those comments was anonymous. So, anonymous, please identify yourself and I’ll send you the coupon.

To the other two, I’ll be sending you an email today so that I can get your address and stalk mail you the coupon.

To make up for my blunder, allow me to direct you to some other bloggers who certainly do not suck. These posts have really inspired me this week.

Healthy Bodies by Sherron at Shoes to Lose: If you haven’t seen her blog yet, you should. She’s lost almost 70lbs and is using shoes as a motivational tool. Awesome.

“Before” Me is still Me by Bridget at Pounding Pavement and Plants: There’s just something I really like about the way she thinks. I could list ten of her posts here but I’ll stick to this one because I really love it.

Living To Be A Past Self? by Mich at Eating Journey: Introspective and intuitive, Mich always inspires me.

How to Curb Cravings, Fight Fatigue and Reduce Bloating by umm… I actually don’t know her name at The Alchemy of Fitness: First of all, anyone who invokes the term Alchemy gets me as a fan. She’s interesting, intelligent, and quotes philosophers.

What Do Thin People Eat? by Ashley at Fashionably Fit: Perhaps it’s because she’s done exactly what I’m trying to do, but I totally admire Ashley and love her blog. She lost 120lbs while working ridiculously long hours. With a little more left to go, she’s totally honest, don’t gloss over the difficulties and frustrations, and loves fashion.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did. Stay tuned for a weekend update!

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