I had a panic moment at the gym today as I did two stupid things. The first thing that I did was to weigh myself, after eating, fully clothed, with running shoes on. Really Kendra? You are waaay to fragile about your weight loss to do something like that. Seeing a number on the scale that is so much more that is several pounds more than you know that you weigh is bound to induce anxeity. The second stupid thing that I did was to analyze my naked body in the mirror. I was convinced that I looked just like I did when I started again. It took until I got home and looked in my home mirror for me to realize that I did not gain the weight back, the changes in my appearance have remained, and things are still good. Panic averted.

I am currently looking for the right mix of songs for running. I found the tempo that I need and have found that it is so much easier to keep myself going if I am running perfectly to a beat. I discovered this yesterday when I inadvertantly synced up perfectly to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. It totally got me through the last five minutes of my intervals. It was remarkable how much easier it was ro run then. Perhaps it’s because of my past as a dancer or my present as a musician. I don’t know, but I just feel music in my body some completely that I generally do things to a tempo in my head.

Anyone ever have those days where a particular food just tastes so ridiculously good? Today black olives just taste amazing. I don’t know why, they just do. Food has just plain been good today. My second meal was nearly perfect, it would have been completely perfect if I had had more brussels sprouts. Yes, I know that’s strange.

I’m really excited that tomorrow is my last day on phase one, I am going to savor oatmeal on Monday morning (ish) and some blueberries and a banana and an apple! Maybe Tuesday I’ll even have a piece of bread. Okay, I’m already going overboard, I won’t be having all of these things on Monday. I won’t overkill on my first day back with fruit, but blueberries man… blueberries…

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