I woke up today sore and a little fatigued but energized. Dancing was so much freaking fun. I want to go out again tonight and tomorrow and the day after… oh yeah, I forgot about work and responsibilities and all that jazz. Damn.

Today was filled with temptation, which I did expect. I wanted to eat every sweet thing I saw today. I got myself through it with reminders and stupid simple phrases like “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Okay, I didn’t actually say that phrase. I have no idea how thin feels and I know how things taste, so… I stuck with reminding myself why I’m in this battle.

I know that these types of reminders won’t always be effective, though. I’ve read enough weight loss blogs to know that it gets harder. I don’t want to become a yo-yo-er. I don’t want to throw in the towel and gain it all back. How do I control the future me? How do I plan for when things get harder and for how to keep myself on track?

 Anyway, I did not give in. I’d had my treat for the next while and I am content to stay on the straight and narrow until I get to phase two and then can have a little more leniency. I’m looking forward to that but I’m also nervous about if it will slow down my rate of loss. I want to see results!

I’m once again having a semi freak out over what the scale will tell me in the morning. (Did I sabotage myself last night, will I have gained it all back, and I doomed to be a fatty forever???) In reality, I’m excited to see what it tells me. I did things differently this week with my eating and I want to see how that affects my rate of loss.

First, I ate more meat this week. I couldn’t afford it last week and so I didn’t eat it. This week I had money and I missed it so I ate and enjoyed. All of it was allowed, but I wonder how that will affect my overall calorie intake and results on the scale.

Second, I was diligent about getting moving. I at least walked every day above and beyond my daily incidental movement. I chose to skip one bus and walk that portion, I went dancing, I went shopping and took an excessively windy way around the store, etc. I want to get organized a little more in my movements this week. I will set the new goals after I see the scale in the morning.

Overall I’d say that all goals were accomplished this week. I can’t help but not regret the libations of last night, it was a night of celebration and I turned down everything except for the rum. I do love rum.

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