It amazes me a little how much losing weight in a healthy way and learning new healthy habits has changed me. Yes, my booty is shrinking, that’s no surprise (actually, it kind of is…), but my mentality is also changing. When I first started out I had a long list of the foods that I couldn’t wait to get back to (only once in a while, of course!) but now they aren’t even on my radar. I looked back at a list of things that I wanted to blog about and one was that list of food I wanted with a side of tapeworm so I didn’t gain back all of my weight. I pondered this tapeworm idea several times.

Lately, things have become a different story. It isn’t one of those “I changed effortlessly overnight” stories. It’s been a gradual thing, so much so that I didn’t notice until I really thought about my current attitudes toward food. Today one of my coworkers brought in these really delux donuts, something that I don’t really like but have always had trouble resisting. I was thinking hard about whether or not to allow myself one when I realized that it was most likely just going to be a letdown. I would have a “gosh this is yummy” moment and then the flavor would actually kick in and I would be less thrilled and then I would be finished and annoyed with myself for eating the damn donut, spiking my blood sugar, and taking in all those extra calories.

I’m learning to view food for what it does for me and not just my tastebuds. I think that’s definitely a good thing. In light of that, I’m also trying to work more vegetables into my diet. Maybe it’s because I’ve always eaten lots of vegetables, but I feel like I don’t have enough of a variety. When I really think about it, though, I do eat more vegetables, especially the cruciferous ones, than most people. I want to try some new ones, though and learn to like some others. Maybe I can learn to like avacado, it has so many good vitamins and nutrients in it. I should add cabbage to more. I love cabbage.

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