1. Debt Control
    1. Get credit status and stay on top of it – I don’t even know where I am at the moment.
    2. Pay off all credit card leftovers – This shouldn’t be too bad.
    3. Pay off the misc debt – Who knows what the heck random things I screwed up.
    4. Take a chunk out of medical bills – I just finally got the insurance forms filled out for this whole issue, so that is progress.
  2. Weight
    1. 100 lbs (Real Goal) or 50 lbs (Backup because of my poor track record).
  3. Health (Not Weight Related)
    1. Get sleep under control – Insomnia is my superpower.
  4. Living Situation
    1. Move somewhere I like better – I am looking online at different places, but I haven’t done any of the real work yet.
  5. Make mini monthly and weekly goals
    1. I need to do this because it will help me to achieve the other goals.
  6. School
    1. Start again – Just work for credits and GPA.
  7. Music
    1. Start again – Work with a voice teacher again (Training is essential).
    2. Start working on Music Theory.
    3. Piano Proficiency
  8. Vanity
    1. Whiten Teeth – Not that there’s anything against the neon yellow I currently sport.
    2. Maintain nice eyebrows – I’m tired of looking like a yeti (Are they even hairy?).
  9. Travel
    1. Leave the country – Go somewhere… anywhere…
    2. Get a Passport again.
  10. Job
    1. Approach K**** about managing a campaign – Mo money = better.
    2. Possibly get a second gig… maybe, depending on how the campaigns go.

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