Today’s post is dedicated to one of my best friends Schnookums because she hates the phrase “Kill You Dead.”

I planned for a day of sugar and “bad” food and I did not deviate from this plan. The day started as usual with my breakfast of mini crustless quiche, turkey bacon, yogurt, a banana, and tea but went all sweets from there. I had a cookie (It wasn’t worth it), a piece of cake from my mom (Again, not really worth it), a piece of angel food cake with strawberries, blueberries, banana, and whipped cream (Absolutely worth it!).

Lunch was my favorite wrap but I could only eat half so I saved the other half for another time, a smoothie, and another cup of tea. I was already stuffed by this point but I had already planned an early dinner with family before second job. We got a bunch of appetizers (mini crab cakes, popcorn shrimp, fried zucchini, buffalo something or other that I didn’t eat, and basil pizzettes. The main event, though, was the Peach Bellinis with real peach in it. Favorite thing ever. Oh, and the strawberry cheese cake. They also brought out a little cup with whipped cream, an itty bit of ice cream, and hot fudge. My sister grabbed that after I blew out the candle.

Too much food! Too much sugar! All too close together so that I couldn’t really enjoy each thing on its own. When I got to evening job, there was a beautiful little display on my desk all coordinated in the same pink. I couldn’t even think about touching the giant flower cupcake. That’s still in my fridge.

Oh, and then there was champagne.

It’s the best birthday I’ve had in several years. Not because of the food or presents but because I felt like people cared that it was my birthday. I’ve missed that over the last several years.

Yesterday served two purposes in my weight loss efforts, though. First, it reminded me why I’m glad that I don’t eat sugar anymore. About half way through the day I just started feeling sore. I started hearing myself in my head thinking in a very Jim Gaffigan like voice, “My back hurts…” I also just felt a little fuzzy. I had the sudden thought, “O.M.G. this is how I used to feel all the time, like every day. This sucks.” I hadn’t realized anymore that there is such a difference, but there is. My bad days now are still better than my good days then. Amazing.

Second, it gave me a break from thinking about what I should eat so that I had time to think about what I want to eat. The things that I crave now are completely different from my old cravings. I remember reading on someone’s maintenance blog that the food splurges and cravings were altogether different and healthier. At the time I didn’t believe them but now I’m starting to understand. I haven’t had fast food in months and I still don’t want it. I can drive past Jack in the Box without feeling any regret.

I know that at some point I’ll have a moment and totally want a Big Cheeseburger and Seasoned Curly Fries, but I have the tools now to resist. …and the memory of how I feel after eating fried food.

Today I’m definitely feeling the sugar hangover and I’ll be more than glad to close my eyes tonight. It’s totally one of those weeks when the weekend can’t come soon enough.

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