I’ve never been a smoothie person. It seems like the sugar content is always too high to make it worthwhile and I didn’t think that they kept me full enough either. Yesterday I think that I must have had a smoothie laced with crack. I want another one so badly…

It was a blueberry-strawberry-banana smoothie made with plain yogurt (which we all know I love!) and a little honey. Oh.My.Goodness.It.Was.So.Good. I don’t mean “this feels healthy but tasty” good, I’m talking “I think I have to unbutton my pants so I can gorge myself” good. Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that it must have been laces with crack. I’ve just never really liked these things.

This morning I was too long in the shower because I kept contriving ways that I could get another smoothie. I planned to map out every Jamba Juice and Emerald City Smoothie in the greater Seattle area, buy a magic bullet, quit one of my jobs so that I have time for smoothie experimentation, or walk a mile at lunch to buy a smoothie (come to think of it, that might not be such a bad idea). Never have I responded so strongly to food, it wasn’t even in the pink food group (yes, I do consider pink a food group of it’s own and by far the best one) which is normally the one I go a little crazy over. I’m in uncharted territory here.

I thought of taking a picture of it but I wasn’t about to stop slurping it long enough to do so.

Update: I just got back from my tea break in the Cafeteria and talked to Rocky (yes that is his real name, I don’t have a nickname for him and he probably doesn’t need one… although he does have one for me “High Maintenance). He says that the smoothies were not, in fact, laced with crack and that they will do them again as often as possible because I wasn’t the only one who wants to write a sonnet to the smoothies.

In completely unrelated news, Frank says that I’m at 262lbs today and I’m simultaneously excited and struggling to not make weight goals for certain events… like “ooh I could be under 260 by my birthday.”

Does anybody else struggle with making these arbitrary weight goals? Oh, and what are your favorite smoothie recipes? Please do be an enabler!

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