What kind of underwear are you wearing? Let me tell you a little bit about mine…

Ever since I started performing I have had the habit of dressing completely coordinated and perfectly for the occasion except for my underwear. Well, the truth is that it started with socks, but then I started wearing stilettos. At that same time I started the crazy underwear collection.

What started with a performance tool became an everyday part of my outfit. So what does my underwear look like? Well, I won’t give specific descriptions but I look for things that are particularly trashy, gaudy, and frilly. For instance, I have one pair that Schnookums gave me for Christmas that has several layers of red frill. I also have a pair that has a little heart shaped charm with a key hole on it and a little key. It’s so wrong that I love it. Basically, if you walk into a store and think, “Who in the world would buy THAT???” That’s me. That pair is probably covering my butt this instant.

So, what exactly does this have to do with weight loss? After all, this is a weight loss blog. Well, friends, it’s another one of those things that I do that make me feel good about my body. It makes me feel like I’ve gotten a treat, ridiculous though it may be, and like I have a dirty little secret. Who doesn’t like one of those?

Every girl should do these sort of things. It doesn’t necessarily need to be crazy underwear, it can be anything. The small things build up over time and leave you feeling good about yourself. Weight loss and healthy living is about so much more than the number on the scale, your body fat percentage, and your measurements. In the process of weight loss you’ve got to do other things for yourself as well.

Ladies, ditch the cotton panties and skank it up!

I hope that you’re celebrating Skanky Tuesday with me and treating yourself to something good at least once a week.

Tomorrow I hope that everyone will join me in the dressing room of Victoria’s Secret… I have pictures.

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