This post was supposed to have gone up last Tuesday automatically when I was out of town. Due to some fluke and me not paying any attention, it didn’t post even though it was scheduled. So a week late, here it it!

Hello friends, it’s another day that I’m slacking off! Today Bridget will be waxing philosophical (or something like that) on orgasms for this week’s Skanky Tuesday. You should absolutely be reading her blog even if you aren’t a vegetarian (I’m not) or a runner (I’m not yet).


Hey, I’m Bridget from Pavement and Plants. I’m a 40-lb weight loss maintainer, vegetarian, and (injured) runner. I’m so happy that Kendra let me write a Skanky Tuesday post because I have always been comfortable with my sexuality, even when I was at my heaviest. After keeping the weight off for 2 years, back in November I found myself in a new situation since losing the weight: I didn’t have an on-call man.

I was in a new city and didn’t have the boy(space)friends that I had fun times with or a serious boyfriend. With the stress of grad school, marathon training, and working, I didn’t even have time to think about getting myself off. About a month in, though, I realized I had been putting on some pounds.

After taking a quick look at what I had been eating, it was obvious. My nightly make out sessions had been replaced with nightly food indulgences. It wasn’t baked chips or low far yogurt, it was rich dark chocolate or homemade oiled popcorn. I had replaced the pleasures of a person with the pleasures of food. So I did what any sexually unhappy girl would do-I invested some of my hard earned money on a vibrator. Now, it may not be the whole package, but it certainly gets the job done.

Orgasms, no matter the origin, can:
• releases happy endorphins
• releases tension in muscles
• helps you sleep better
• naturally helps with pain
• calms cravings for junk food
• overall reduces stress.

With that missing my life, no wonder I was reaching for food. I was trying to get that same feeling from my indulgent foods. And yes, the extra weight did eventually go away. For me, being healthy doesn’t just include eating well and working out. I am much more complicated than that. I have a sexual appetite that needs to be satisfied as well. I shouldn’t be ashamed and I shouldn’t ignore it. Because it will just creep its unhappiness into other parts of your life.

So if investing $35 to get off will help me maintain my weight loss-I say it is WORTH IT. I’m worth it. Plus, when another bed buddy happens to find his way into my life, I will be able to give him better umm… directions. Sounds win-win to me.

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