I was so good today, I even ran a tiny bit. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather today but was happy that the bad sugar cravings are gone. Yesterday was really hard for that. We had a training meeting at work and had some really good snacks, none of which were healthy or on my list of my allowed food. I wanted it bad. I didn’t touch a thing but I sniffed and enjoyed the smell. Today I wasn’t craving anymore and felt secure back on track.

I tried steaming my Brussels Sprouts today and can attest that it was good. I think that I will do the same with my cauliflower tomorrow. I’m wishing that I had bought some turkey bacon today. I love bacon. I just saw a commercial for a Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box, my old bitch, and although I don’t want to run out for a burger, I certainly remember how much I liked it. Oh well.

I ran out of work today in order to get home on time to run for a little in our workout room. I won’t ever have the time to do this if I don’t drive and I don’t particularly want to drive so I will need to come up with another strategy for exercise. I am thinking about getting a 24 hour fitness membership, strongly thinking about it. I think that I will go in tomorrow and get the seven day pass so that I can start once I’ve gotten paid.

Tonight all I did was a few minutes of walking and then 45 second intervals of running with about a minute and a half in between runs. I only did about 10 minutes when the person got there to lock up. I wanted to do more but I feel like I’ve done a complete workout anyway. Overall I think that I’m happy with today.

I’ve been trying to keep these first few weeks as just a diary to show the experience of someone making these changes, but I am starting to feel that this is getting monotonous. I think that I need to add more than just the daily experiences and feelings.

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