6:00am – Wakeup, swear at alarm, hit snooze.

6:05am – Alarm goes off again, I go off again with a string of four letter words in my head.

6:10am – Squint in pain when I turn on the bathroom light, pee, weigh myself, analyze fat sizes in mirror, get in shower

6:20am – Remember that I don’t have time to space out and stare at shower wall.

6:30am – WTF is clean to wear???

6:40am – Shit, I’m late… run out the door.

6:55am – Run for bus, try not to slip in puddle getting on bus.

7:25am – Drool at dresses in the Luly Yang window, transfer to second bus.

7:35am – Get to work, grab breakfast from fridge, sign in to computer, gulp down tea.

8:00am – On the clock officially, change shoes.

10:30am – More tea, toast with peanut butter, roma tomato

1:30pm – Co-Worker’s not back from lunch but it’s my lunch time… waiting and swearing more in my head

2:00pm – Lunch. I’m tired and don’t want to eat. Make myself eat. Take Guarana to make it through day.

3:00pm – Break and quick nap. Feel guilty because I’m supposed to be working out but I have to be at eve job early this week so there is no time.

3:30pm – Leave day job, walk to eve job.

4:00pm – Arrive at eve job… watch as it becomes more and more Lord of the Flies… I will not end up like Piggy.

4:30pm – Bitterly gulp down cottage cheese while cursing it for it’s deliciousness and yet complete disgustingness.

7:30pm – Dinner. I’m still tired and don’t want to eat. Force myself. Put on a smile for everyone to keep company morale up.

9:00pm – Finish work, try to console co-workers about current situation. Secretly wish I could just go home and sleep.

10:30pm – Finally break away from disgruntled co-workers wishing I could fix things.

11:00pm – Get home, check email, stare at laptop screen. Try not to think about what time I have to get up. Wish that I had time to workout today, think about taking my weights to work,

11:30pm – Fall asleep. 

2:30am – Wake up because I’ve contorted myself in my sleep and my blankets have slipped off and my left arm is numb.

2:32am – Blankets are back in place, body untwisted, back to sleep.

6:00am – Wakeup, swear at alarm, hit snooze. Repeat all of above.

Things suck just a little bit right now.

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