Much like me, this blog is currently a work in progress.

Unlike me, it’s now covered in glitter… I’m so envious of my blog.

Nothing looks quite right yet but it’s getting there. It was totally time for a makeover, a splash of color, and a shit ton of glitter. Always the glitter. Because I’m not an adult.

Adulting is overrated. Like, totally overrated. And I should know. I do it everyday.

P.S. I maybe, definitely, super look like a creepy Stepford Wife in this photo. I just need pearls.… Read More

This thing happened recently. It crept up so slowly and subtly that I didn’t even realize it until the words came out of my mouth one night.

Two Aprils ago, the stress of my job increased exponentially, angst over what I actually wanted to do with my life came to a crest, and, as I approached the anniversary of my rape, my PTSD symptoms took hold like a parasitic force in my brain. The joy of being in my relationship turned into a constant fear of screwing it up (SPOILERS: … Read More

Well, that was an awkward silence.

I was going to put a GIF there but I don’t know how to use them. I’m not actually sure how I get by in life at all. I really don’t have very many life skills.

Mostly I rely on my smart phone… I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.

Last we spoke, I was still a heartbroken mess, trying to get my life back on track as a once again single lady. Ooh, and I baked a cake because … Read More