The South Beach Diet, eh? (Yes, I am part Canadian) I just noticed today that their silly logo says, “Life is Better on the Beach.” Really? I hate beaches. It isn’t just because of the necessity of wearing a bathing suit, I just really dislike beaches. I like firmer ground beneath my feet. Now, the sort of half dirt, half beach entrances to lakes I love. Oh how I miss living on a lake…

I love swimming and I really don’t care how I look in a bathing suit once I am in the water and as long as my butt isn’t showing. I spent the majority of my summers as a little girl in a bathing suit and I feel perfectly comfortable in one, plus the fact that they are stretchy and tight strategically holds some things in place.

Well, in other news, the elevator at work is still broken. Today, though, that meant that I got to play with the freight elevator. I love that thing! It (like the rest of the building) is so old and rickety and it was fun having to manually make it stop at my floor and then adjusting several times to make sure it was even with the floor. I had way too much fun playing with it. (I want to go again!!)

It was a strange day today. I got up early to go see one of my co-workers give the “I Have A Dream” speech for the city of Seattle and met with my manager/friend and a few of her friends. It took me almost an hour to feel at ease with them. I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my skin. I hate it when I feel that way. It’s terrible. I wanted so much to feel cool and easy but I simply felt inferior. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I shouldn’t feel inferior to anyone.

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