I have decided on an official start date for my change in habits. Saturday, January 30th is the day.

Imaginary Peanut Gallery in my Head: But why January 30th? Isn’t that a Saturday? Why not start now you big tub of lard?

Me: Good question Imaginary Peanut Gallery in my Head, I chose that day because I get paid on January 29th for the new campaign I just started and food costs money. Yes, it is a Saturday, but I’ve read that in the first few days of cutting out sugar and simple carbs, people don’t tend to feel so well. I would like to do that on a day that I don’t need to be on my game. I also want to do weekly weigh-ins on Saturdays, so in order to do weekly; I have to start on a Saturday. Lastly, could we please nix the name calling? Thank you.

Imaginary Peanut Gallery in my Head: So then, what is your game plan?

Me: Oh, you know me well. I will wake up later than I should, grumble that the others who live in my apartment are too noisy, and then I will weigh myself and take my measurements. Then I will cry. I will have prepared meals for that day already so that I can go about my Saturday errands after I have wiped the snot off my face.

Imaginary Peanut Gallery in my Head: So, you’re actually going to go through with this whole thing, you’re actually ready?

Me: I hope so. I acknowledged a few months ago that I was still not ready to give up comfort food and that sometimes I just needed something to get me through a particularly difficult moment, but I think that I am past that now and that I can make it one day at a time with a good plan.

End of Scene.

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