I’m not sure why I love this month so friggin much, but I do.

Who knows what random associations and pavlovian triggers have been proggramed into my brain without me realizing it. Yesterday I talked about some of the significance of October, but I’ve loved it much longer than that.

When I was little, I thought it was stupid that anyone could possibly have any favorite season other than summer. Clearly the fact that you didn’t have to go to school and got to travel made summer the clear choice for the best season ever. Now that the school year doesn’t really play a part in my life, I love fall. Summer can suck it.

With so many recent changes in my life I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish this month, besides getting less fat, of course. That’s a given. What tangible goals, though, are going to be the building blocks that add up to getting less fat?

I think that the key for October is getting myself back to that “feel good” place. When I’m tired, grumpy, emotional, or stressed, I just don’t want to do anything. My inner little brat kicks in she throws a fit. I’m thinking that keeping the little brat at bay is the first step to really getting back on track and making my ass smaller.

I’m going to be really chessy and just call October “Feel Good Month.” I’m going to pretend that this title is less corny and cliche because of my love for the song Feel Good, Inc. by the Gorillaz.In fact, I’m going to totally justify that title by listening to that song as often as possible this month.So there.

October’s Goals

1. Strength Train three times a week: I’m told that to really see any real result you ought to do this three times a week. I’m also told that it I’m as sore as I had been the last time I was strength training, you’re pushing too hard. I want to focus on making this a part of my routine again.

2. Do de-tensing exercises: My shoulders have been killing me lately. I’ve been so tense and I think that this is contributing to not sleeping that well. It also makes me grumpy. I used to do these every night and it was really effective. Let’s see if I can work this in to my bedtime routine.

3. Run 1-2 times a week: I kind of miss it.

4. Eat my own food: Firstly, my cooking is so much better than food bought pretty much anywhere affordable (someone’s cocky…). Secondly, it’s much healthier. I’m going to the grocery store tonight and I’ll be all stocked up with no excuses… except for laziness and whatever else I can come up with.

5. Sleep: Nothing works right when you are too tired. Since I have to be up every day at 7:00 am now, which may not be early for some but is downright ungodly for me, I need to make getting to bed at a decent time a strong priority. I’m also taking naps at lunch when I really need to and I find that I feel much better in the afternoons because of it.

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