This morning I was going to wax philosophically on how being bendy can be good for you… and fun. It just doesn’t feel appropriate right now, though. You see, my cat died in my arms this morning. I knew it was coming… but still. I loved her.

I guess we can think of this as a test. I’m well aware that some of my friends and family are watching closely to see if I am going to go off the deep end again.

I’m not going to.

I’m acknowledging that I’m not okay and I’m dealing with those feelings.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that I won’t go home and drink tonight. I might, but it won’t be to hide from my feelings. It won’t be to hide from reality… and it won’t be enough to cause my mother to have to take away my cell phone.

I guess the human heart really is resilient. It’s amazed me how many times it could break over the last few months without shattering completely.

We rebuild and we move on. Most importantly, though, we learn and grow. No, the most important thing is that we love.

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