Did you guys know that I like to read?

Actually, let me rephrase. Did you guys know that I’m a ridiculously big nerd who does her best to hide her excitement over math, philosophy, classic literature, and new books?

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Don’t worry, I balance it out by also loving drinking, dancing, carousing, and general misbehavior that ups my coolness quotient (that just ruined it, didn’t it…).
In my usually form of being late to the table, I recently (i.e. before Christmas and before the proverbial shit hit the fan) read The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. We need to talk about this book.
Shauna is one of my inspirations for starting this blog and also for the whole get-less-fat thing in general. It was after reading through all of her archives that I decided to do this thing. Yes, I admit it, I blog stalked her. On the off chance that you’re actually reading this, Shauna, I hope you don’t think it’s excessively creepy.

Even if you’ve read her entire blog, the book is worth buying, reading, buying for your friends and family, and telling your readers to buy and read it too. Why, you ask?

Yes, I could go into all the usual “OMG it’s so inspirational and honest with such wit and charm” and that would all be true, but those adjectives hardly do it justice.

Perhaps I loved this book so much because I’m living aspects of it but I think there’s much more to it than that. Shauna lets us in to those places that most people glaze over. In both the journey to fatness and back I identified so strongly with her process because of the emotional transparency she displays. It’s messy, complicated, and sometimes snarky, but it’s real.

She preaches no “way” to do it properly. She only tells her story. By the end I felt like she was my friend rather than some stranger who I’ve only emailed once with groupie like adoration and nearly wet myself when I got a response. Both the book and the blog reaffirm my belief in the value of simply sharing your life and experiences.

For my more sappy side, there’s also the story of her meeting, falling in love with, and marrying her husband. Le sigh. Oh, and she moves to the other side of the world.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, have lost weight, have no need to lose weight, or don’t give a damn about your weight, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl is more than worth your time.

I thought about my copy of Dietgirl to show you all how much I really do love it, but then I realized that I love it enough that I don’t actually want to part with it. But you know what, I probably have enough money in my checking account to send you a new copy. So, you can enter to win this fabulous book three ways.

  1. Leave me a comment here telling me who inspired you to start blogging with a link to their blog (not your own!). 
  2. Tweet about the giveaway and comment here letting me know that you did so.
  3. Blog about the giveaway and comment here letting me know that you did so.

For those who don’t like contests, you can get your own copy of the book here:

You can enter until midnight on Sunday night (PST) and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

EDIT: We will now be giving away two copies of the book. No, not the royal we, Athlete Comes Back has generously offered to purchase a copy of the book for one of my readers too! You now have two chances to win.

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Katie Metzler January 27, 2011, 8:58 pm

I like balancing out my general nerdiness with debauchery. Best put: "Work hard, play hard."

Kendra January 27, 2011, 8:59 pm

Nerdiness and debauchery… YES! you speak my language.

Emma January 28, 2011, 1:59 am

So, I don't actually *have* a blog, so I'm not sure I can enter. But the person who inspired me to start eating healthier is Your Nutritionista at yournutritionista.com. And the person who is currently inspiring me to start a blog (I'm working on it!) is http://www.rachelwilkerson.com, of course. And you!

Kendra January 28, 2011, 2:00 am

Emma, you absolutely can enter!

Bethany @Bridezilla Bakes January 28, 2011, 2:46 am

I'm super confused (honestly, I'm slow on the uptake…), but I think I did the linking thing right 🙂

Heather's Dish inspired me to write my own blog, and to make it about food and also about other things! I was a food blog lover until I found hers, which is food, healthy living, and a lot of other things too. I loved it — it freed me up to write more about food! http://www.heathersdish.com

Lynette S. January 28, 2011, 4:30 am

Ohhhh, big Dietgirl fan, subscribe to her and listen to her and MizFit's podcast, yet ironically I have never read her book.
I was inspired to blog (i'm a Blog To Lose blogger) by the one, the only Roni of ronisweigh.com.

AthleteComes January 28, 2011, 6:17 pm

Very nice giveaway you are doing here….I love this and I loved the book. It is my pleasure to donate a book to YOU for one of your readers.