Okay, I’m on this again. Stay tuned this week for lots of posts because it’s been a very busy time for me and I have lots to talk about.

Today, though, let’s focus on this whole “I got a little fatter and now I care about it” thing that’s going on. With this weigh-in, I’ve made some new goals and am going to work to make the life space for a healthier lifestyle again.

Lately it’s been… not so much. The measurements and weigh-in speak for themselves. So, here’s where I stand.

Weight 244.4 lbs
Neck 14 ½
Bust 40
Chest 45 ½
Waist 37
Belly 46 ½
Hips 54
Thigh 29
Calf 18 ½
Ankle 9
Bicep 17
Forearm 11 ¼
Wrist 6 ¼


Yup. Less than thrilling.

So, on we move with improving habits again and all that jazz.

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