I looked back at my 2010 goals the other day and realized that I had intended to make monthly goals in addition to weekly goals.

Being May, I’ll do five goals for the month.

1) No more aspartame: It gives me headaches, makes me want more sugar, and it just tastes bad. I don’t like it but still drink things with it just for convenience. That, my friends, is stupid.

2) Work Cottage Cheese into my diet: I really can’t believe that I’m saying this. I’ve spent my whole life hating the very sight of it and refusing to touch it, taste it, look at it, eat it, associate with it, or even think about it. Yesterday I finally tried the damn stuff and … well… liked it. F*CK! Well, it’s a good protein source so why not.

3) Be more diligent about drinking water: I don’t know why I’ve let this fall by the wayside. I love water. I love what it does for my skin, my energy levels, my muscles, and my body in general. I’ve been cheating on water with diet coke and since I’ve already extablished that I am going to dump that homewrecker, I’ll be back with water more.

4) Try a new recipe each week: I’ve been getting bored with some of my fare. Change it up more, get creative.

5) Finish my blog redesign: That’s sucker’s been taking a lifetime. It just needs to get finished.

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Rachel @ Shedding It May 4, 2010, 1:42 pm

Oh yeah, when I finally tried cottage cheese I TOTALLY liked it too!! I think it's got a bad reputation…