One month in.


I’m glad to be here.

I can’t objectively say if I like this time or last time better but I’m definitely in a better place overall than I was two years ago.

While starting over and admitting that I really fucked up was incredibly hard, it was absolutely worth it. I am so glad to be where I am right now.

Anyway, let’s look at the numbers.

  01/25/10 01/25/12 02/25/12
Weight 296.4lbs 244.4 lbs 237.4 lbs
Neck 16 ¼ 14 ¼ 14
Bust 45 ½ 40 ½ 40
Chest 50 ½ 44 ½ 45
Waist (smallest point) 46 ½ 38 36
Belly 53 ½ 45 44 ½
Hips 61 53 ½ 52
Thigh 33 28 ½ 28 ¼
Calf 20 18 ½ 18 ¼
Ankle 9 ⅝ 9 8 ⅝
Bicep 18 ¾ 16 ½ 16 ½
Elbow 12 ¾ 11 11
Wrist 7 6 ⅝ 6

I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I started two years and a month ago and making progress from last month. Looking back at my chart, it looks like I’m about where I was mid-April of last year.

That would be right when the shit went down.

And THAT is why I’m not going to rest at this weight. I’m a fighter and I will regain my lost progress.

It looks like this month I lost from almost every part of my body except for my forearm/elbow area, my biceps, and my boobs. Um, they didn’t get any larger but I guess they were a bit perkier this time? Maybe my bathroom was cold… or something.

 I don’t know.

Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled with the difference in weight but I am thrilled with the difference in measurements. I still suspect that I’m retaining a lot of water for some reason. Frank, my bathroom scale, tells me my weight, my body fat percentage, and my hydration level. The last few times I’ve weighed myself, my body fat percentage and hydration level have been way different from the range in which they usually are.

I’m going to go ahead and trust that my body will work it all out, though, because I’m doing the right things.

So; I’m a little less fat, a whole lot happier, and wholly determined to bust through this regain.

Time for bed.

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