With a little lost and the continuation of the “slow and steady”  I continue on. I’m getting closer to my lowest weight of 218.4 lbs and going from there. I can’t even say how happy I’ll be when I start breaking new ground again.

I mean, I’m not unhappy (now) to be doing some of this work again, especially since last year when I hit the low weight is was mostly from being really sick and/or not eating enough. Even if the number on the scale isn’t new yet, the experience of weight loss at this point is quite new and different.

Here are the numbers for this month, including a comparison for last month and my starting numbers:

  01/25/10 02/25/12 03/25/12
Weight 296.4 lbs 237.4 lbs 231.2 lbs
Neck 16 ¼ 14 14
Bust 45 ½ 40 39 ½
Chest 50 ½ 45 44 ¾
Waist (smallest point) 46 ½ 36 36
Belly 53 ½ 44 ½ 44
Hips 61 52 52
Thigh 33 28 ¼ 28
Calf 20 18 ¼ 18 ½
Ankle 9 ⅝ 8 ⅝ 8 ¾
Bicep 18 ¾ 16 ½ 16 ½
Elbow 12 ¾ 11 11
Wrist 7 6 6

Being right on the edge of how I’ve always been able to recognize myself is kind of freaking me out. I already look so different than I ever have and the fact that I have no idea how I’ll look as a thin person is oddly scary. I had a whole post on this written before I decided that it was poorly written and overly emotional and deleted it.

I’ll share more about it when I can produce something articulate enough that it doesn’t closely resemble word vomit.

In the meantime, it’s nice to see that I’m only a little above my smallest size in most of my measurements. I don’t think that I ever  actually posted those measurements because looking back at June, I posted twice and neither of those includes a chart.

I’ll get my stats section updated soon but for now, here are the June numbers and how this month compares to them.

  June Difference
Weight 225 lbs + 6.2 lbs
Neck 14 + 0
Bust 39 ½ + 0
Chest 44 + ¾
Waist (smallest point) 35 + 1
Belly 42 ½ + 1 ½
Hips 50 ¼ + 1 ¾
Thighs 27 ½ + ½
Calf 18 ¼ + ¼
Ankle 9 – ¼
Bicep 16 ¼ + ½
Elbow 10 ¾ + ¼
Wrist 6 + 0

Overall, I’m pretty close. Although, you may notice that my lowest measurements didn’t actually corelate with my lowest weight. When I was 218.4 lbs, I had gotten a little bigger in some areas. I think it’s pretty safe to blame the fact that I was drinking too much for the bloating I experienced.

That, and the chicken wings.

Damn, I love those things.

But, I’m much more eager to get past that weight range and to continue on with getting thinner, stronger, healthier, and prettier. Despite the fears and the unknowns about passing that point, I’m really looking forward to it. As I said before, I’ll have a lot more to say about that in the next few days (probably after therapy) but for now, slow and steady continues on.

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