So, I backtracked a little bit this month. Considering the fact that my best friend came to visit me for a little over a week and then it was my birthday, I’m not exactly surprised… or sorry. We ate, we drank, we were merry. Win.

However, I have gotten myself back on track now and am counting on better measurements and weigh-ins coming up next month. I’m a little less than a week in from giving up sugar, starch, and grains and am already feeling so much better. The first few days were rough, as they always are, but I think I’ve just hit that point where it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

Some of the increases in my measurements could come from the fact that I just started my period today but I’m not going to contribute much to that when I know how I was eating for most of the month.

I am, however, going to blame my cramps for how cranky I am today.

On another note, today I’m achieving one of those goals that I’ve been thinking about for the past few years. I started class today. It’s online but it’s that first step in the right direction. I’m really excited about taking these steps and actually changing things this year instead of just talking and thinking about it. Like I said a few days ago, this year I want to make things happen.

I’ll have a lot to say about that over the next few days. For now, I leave you with my stats for this month.


01/25/10 05/25/12 06/25/12
Weight 296.4lbs 231.6lbs 233.2lbs
Neck 16 ¼ 14 14 ¼
Bust 45 ½ 39 ½ 39 ½
Chest 50 ½ 45 44 ½
Waist (smallest point) 46 ½ 35 ½ 36
Belly 53 ½ 43 44
Hips 61 51 ½ 52
Thigh 33 27 ½ 27 ½
Calf 20 18 ½ 18
Ankle 9 ⅝ 8 ¾ 8 ¾
Bicep 18 ¾ 16 ½ 16 ½
Elbow 12 ¾ 11 11
Wrist 7 6 6


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