As you probably read, yesterday was not a pretty weigh in… although six pounds? Come on, that’s impressive! Today it was about two pounds less so I’m pretty sure I was right about not being bothered by that number on the scale. That number on the scale… it’s a pretty big issue, isn’t it?

Lately I’ve been seeing alot of advocating for stepping away from the scale and I always wonder why? All it does is provide a measurement and data. Would you tell someone to stop looking in the mirror or to not measure the air in their tires? No.

I love my scale, so much that I’ve named it Frank. Frank never lies to me and tells me exactly what is going on with my body in a few ways. I guess you could say that his full name is Frank Tanita because he is a Tanita scale. He tells me my weight, body fat percentage, and hydration level. He may be a little judgemental when he gives me the little plus sign commentary that tells me he thinks my body fat percentage is too high, but he’s being honest and I appreciate that.

Frank aside, I don’t understand the general antagonism toward scales. What would it take to gain a healthy attitude toward your scale?

Remember, the scale only gives you a measurement. It tells you nothing about your cardiovascular health, your size, your general health, or how hot you are. All it tells you is your mass weighed down by gravity. Unless you have a scale like Frank, it knows nothing but this one thing. Frank is helpful enough to tell me when I am retaining extra water so that I can see certain patterns and not worry but even if he only told me my weight I would still love him.

Frank is not my only measurement tool that I have. I also have my pretty pink tape measure.


I’m not silly enough to name this…

I use multiple measurement types because my scale only tells me so much. I appreciate it for what it does but I don’t make it my whole measurement of progress.  Here are some ways to learn to love your scale.

1. Weigh yourself more often and recognize that your weight fluctuates: Yep, this contradicts conventional wisdom, I know. I weigh myself every day, sometimes in the morning and the evening. I started doing this because I wanted to teach myself about how my weight changed throughout different periods of time. The result: I don’t panic when the scale goes up. I know it’s part of the healthy process.

2. Remember that weight only tells you that one thing: Your weight is only one piece of the picture, you have multiple ways to track your progress. If one is out of whack, check another. Appreciate the scale for the information it gives but don’t make it your everything. Don’t get all Backstreet Boys here.

3. Some gains are good: You may be building muscles that will give you hot arms or abs, the scale doesn’t know that. When you see the gain from muscle gain BE HAPPY!! It’s a really good thing.

4. Don’t blame the scale if you dumped your pantry down your throat: The scale is only telling you what the result of your actions are, not causing them.

5. Name your scale: Okay, this is both not mandatory and dorky but I did it…

Next I’ll tell you all about my love affair with my pillow. That’s right, I get around. Just don’t tell Frank.

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