I do what I’m told. Sometimes.

“Take two fortune cookies, just in case you don’t like one of them.”


Now, I know that fortune cookies have about as much power as a goldfish has to become a Power Ranger, but with a message like that, how can I argue? What can I say, when a mass produced, partly stale fortune cookie gives an order, I obey.

Okay mass produced, partly stale fortune cookie; I will write a letter and thanks for calling me charming.

Dear Readers, i.e. my favorite people ever,

I love you like a fat kid loves cake, minus the cannibalism. Thank you for your comments and emails. I know it’s cliché but they totally make my day. (When bloggers say this, they really mean it! As a reader back in the day, I didn’t believe this but it’s so true.)

Over the past few weeks my weight loss efforts have sucked like an eight dollar whore and I’ve half heartedly considered quitting a few times. I thought that maybe I’d come as far as I’ll be able to and that is that.

My emo little anxiety fest passed, though, and as I made myself keep coming online and thinking of things to write about, I found my motivation and inspirational spark again. I have no idea what the scale will say this week. I might lose weight or I might gain again. Either way, though, without this blog and without you, my readers, I would have probably given up and drowned my failure sorrows in a vat of marshmallow fluff.

So, this morning while I was driving to work, listening to 2Pac’s “Dear Mama,” I knew that I ought to make sure that you all know that you are appreciated.

There may be several of us out here who are in weight loss, fitness, or food ruts but (cue the cheesy music) at least we’re in it together. Injuries, weight gains, ruts, lapses, and premeditated indulgences are inevitable and it’s nice to see that pattern with others as well.

Your comments, blog posts, tweets, and support in general has helped me so much in getting where I am so here’s a big old digital group hug and my sincerest thanks.


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