One of the nice things about being a person who is known for not lying is that when I really want or need to, I get away with it. What devious mischief was I perpetrating with my tangled web of lies and deceit? I snuck into my office before anyone got to work yesterday and left Easter Baskets for each one of my coworkers. I think that I mentioned that I was going to do this.

Well, I never thought I’d get away with it. I’m a terrible liar so I generally just don’t. I was the primary suspect for the thing but I was able to answer their questions in a believable manner and cast suspicion on others instead. I felt paranoid all night, though. I kept thinking that certain people MUST know. I still think that one does. As he was leaving, he pointedly said something about how nice the baskets were and then looked at me and left. He knows.

Despite the fact that I had made my own basket as well, I ended up giving away all of my candy, knowing very well that I didn’t actually want it in the first place. I’m quite angry at my body right now. I’ve been eating quite well and yet I’m suddenly up two more pounds, that’s SIX total. This is getting down right depressing. I’m just waiting for the stupid period but I don’t know exactly when it will arrive.

I’ve written off the week, though. I just want to get through it and start over again this weekend. My mom and I will probably cook this weekend and prepare things for the coming week.

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