Does anyone else remember that movie? I loved it. I remember that at the beginning of the movie there was a preview episode of “Hey Arnold!” which I also loved and watched religiously for a while. Why do I remember all of this? It was the second movie I ever went to and it effected me profoundly. Maybe it wouldn’t have if I had gotten out more as a kid but I didn’t and here’s what I learned.

I’m pretty much the queen of TMI and I have no shame about it. I seem to have a faulty vocal filter and I don’t understand why we can’t just talk about certain things. Yesterday, though, I restrained myself.

While I have discussed the hormonal changes that come with weight loss and how some days I pretty much want to jump every guy I see, I have refrained from actually telling the details of the two primary ways this manifested. Yesterday I wanted to share that with you all quite badly but has a sudden memory of the scene in Harriet the Spy where she’s cover in blue paint. Yeah, I do like the idea of painting myself blue or pretty much any strange color, but I don’t want it thrown on my clothes because people found out I was talking (read: lusting) about them on my website.

I mean, really, how awkward would it be if this person who I don’t like found out what was going on in my head. So, I guess I am telling you this much but I was going to include waaay more info. I had to have a talk with myself about this that pretty much went, “Kendra, your nicknames are not that cryptic and if you mention this, this, and this about him online, he might someday find it. After all, he does know how to use a computer. While I’m sure that he isn’t googling you (not like that either…) there is the slim possibility that he could someday find this. Having someone find a post where you talk about how much you don’t like them but also want to do them is probably not a good thing. He might take it the wrong way and what exactly would be the right way?”

I guess this gets into the whole How Much Is Too Much? with blogging and my answer in the past has always been “absolutely nothing.” Today I’m thinking that maybe it’s “when the guy you don’t like but are lusting over can find this and discover that you want to jump his bones.”

Thank you Harriet for your life lessons that extend far beyond this.

Here is the question I pose to those of you who have lost large amounts of weight; did you go through this whole OMG I want it now!!! thing? How long did it last? Any other hormonal changes I should be expecting?

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