Gutten Morgen! Thus ends the year of the palindrome. As Sister Psych said this morning, “Well, only 10 more years. At least you have something to look forward to.” Uplifting, huh? She knows I have a thing with numbers.

I was going to use today to give a status report on my goals for the year and then I realized that I just didn’t really want to. Yes, I am using my birthday as an excuse to act petulant. I’m also using it as an excuse to eat whatever I want. Maybe that’s a bad idea, though, because I just had a cookie and it was definitely a let down. I guess you can’t have everything.

What I really want to do today is to thank all of my readers for being so darn cool. I’ve spent the last several months bumbling along, trying to figure out what my authentic voice actually is and many of you have come along for that ride. I’m sure several of you are probably wondering if I have Multiple Personality Disorder, which Sister Psych reminded me is now actually called Dissociative Identity Disorder (know it all…) and the answer is probably yes. I am fully aware that I am slightly crazy, completely ridiculous, but genuinely authentic.

It isn’t that I don’t care what people think about me, I do, very much. It’s because I do care what people think about me that I’m so uninhibited. I want people to know and like me, not a polite veneer. People are so much more complicated and multifaceted than we generally give them credit for.

People say that I’m a hard girl to figure out (theme song: Poker Face by Lady Gaga… minus the lesbian themes) but every girl is a hard girl to figure out. You can see the bits and pieces that they choose to share and the bits and pieces that they don’t know how to hide, but there’s always more. There’s always a story, a journey, a process and it’s exciting to go through while sharing it with people here.

I leave you for today with one little shameless plug. Check out my post on Hollaback Health about respecting your readers. I really mean this shizz.

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