In my favorite peacock notebook I have a long list of things that I decided I wanted to write about when I had made some progress and felt like I was more “qualified,” which really translates into “when I lose some fat and this isn’t all speculation and stuff I made up.” One of the ideas was particularly strong in my head over the past few days and I want to delay my “Weight Loss Distractions” series (I know, I know… I do see the irony) to discuss it.

Something that I hear far too often from overweight people or people who are in the process of losing weight is, “Once I’ve lost the weight I’m going to…” or “When I’m thin, I’ll…” I’ve said these things myself and I still say them about a few (very few things) but in general I have to ask; why are we waiting?

Sorry to my fam for using you as examples…

My mother exemplifies this attitude to a T. She didn’t want to go to Hawaii at one point because she didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suite. My mother is not big, though. She is not tiny; but not big. Men take notice of her (rack) and find her attractive and yet she feels like she still can’t do certain things because she is not as thin as she wants to be.

My sister is a completely different type of this same attitude. I have multiple sisters but we shall call this one Sister Psych. Sister Psych is an academic wiz. She’s always been better than me in school in every way. We are probably evenly matched in intelligence but she has always been much more driven when it comes to homework and grades. She has always pushed herself so hard that she ends up sick from exhaustion. As I’ve heard the story, at one point one of her teachers asked her about when life actually begins. Does she have to finish her bachelors first? Masters? Ph.D? When?

One of the prevalent attitudes I see in the weight loss community is that there will be a point, maybe a certain poundage, in the future where they will suddenly start doing all of the things that they think of and dream of. In the meantime, they’ll just have to work and strive for that point.

Can we change that attitude? Please? Maybe we’d get to that point sooner (happy people are healthier people). I am convinced that you can have a life and enjoy it while working toward a goal.

So, what am I going to do in the meantime? I will care about my general appearance, do my hair (with feathers!), wear fun makeup, accessorize with awesome jewelry, buy cute shoes, and even (gasp) buy cute clothes even if they don’t look ideal (read: thin) on me. I will go dancing without shame, I will work on my singing and acting even if no one will put me on stage yet, I will meet new people, make new friends, go places, and be seen. I will not hide myself away waiting for when my appearance is satisfactory. It already is. I am already cute. Someday I will be thin, someday I will be beautiful but in the mean time I can settle for cute, witty, adventurous, alive.

I will not punish and restrict myself for the damage I have already inflicted upon my body. My punishment is living in my body and every day it becomes less and less of a punishment and more of a pleasure (no… not referencing THAT post).

Some things I cannot do until I get to certain size or strength level just because of the physical demands necessary. I want to train to do certain physical endeavors and those will have to properly prepared for but in the meantime, I will prepare myself.

What do you hold back from in the meantime? Why?

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