few weeks ago I wrote about enjoying life while losing weight and things I will do in the meantime. Well, I’ve been doing some of those things. I think that a good wardrobe is paramount in helping you to feel good about yourself and I abhor the attitude that you can’t have nice things until you have lost your weight. You’ve got to have some things in the meantime.

Last night I was texting with Sugar Muffin while she was shopping (and I was at work). She was looking for an outfit for a job interview today. I told her to get some power shoes. I think that everybody should have power shoes.

Whether they are f*ck me pumps….

Sweet Satin Ballet Flats…

Or Crazy Patterned Shoes…

Buy what makes you feel like you’ve got diamonds on the soles of your shoes. I just bought all three of these beauties and I love love love them. I have to site Rachel again because while copying and pasting those pics I was thinking about her article and I think that it’s totally relevant. As a larger (snd short) woman you have to figure out what styles really work for you and which don’t. Ballet flats and stilettos are my thing. I don’t wear anything strappy because it lets my foot pudge show.

It’s really important to take the time to figure out what works for you at your size now and how to look and feel fabulous. Feeling good about yourself is so important when trying to lose weight and my shoes make me feel good… as does my crazy underwear but more on that on Tuesday.

It is expensive replacing your wardrobe every few months but you can get amazing finds at discount stores. I paid less than 50% for each pair of these shoes and I won’t pay more than that. Knowing that I can find discounts means that I don’t buy things until I do.

Money aside, you should make yourself feel amazing no matter what weight you may be. Whether that’s from wearing a great dress just because you can or accesorizing with feathers you can and you should look amazing.

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