Rachel has talked several times about not beign ridiculous. I think that this is pretty good advice but I have trouble following it. Today I had one of those “I am absolutely ridiculous” moments as I finished giving blood. I looked that the bag and wondered to myself, “Hmm… how much weight did I just lose?” Seriously Kendra???

Here are a few more of those “I am absolutely ridiculous” moments:

While I was trying to think of ways to add more exercise to my day when I can’t workout I thought of trying to run everywhere that I normally walked. Could you imagine me coming out of my appartment in the morning and running across the parking lot to my car and then run from my desk into the cafeteria? I’d look like a douche.

I thought about cutting my hair shorter again because it might take off a few pounds.

A few months ago I wanted to have a good Monday weigh in and I knew that I was retaining water. I decided to super hydrate to counteract that. I drank like six V-8 juices in a day. Do you know how much sodium is in those things? Um, enough to make you retain more water…

Here’s a common one: I didn’t want to do strength training because I didn’t want to see any weight gain. I pretty quickly decided to put on my man pants and just do it.

The thing is, I don’t even have a weight goal. I have a body fat percentage goal so why the hell do I even care what my actual weight is? I don’t know.

So what kinds of ridiculous things have you done and thought when losing weight?

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