My body is doing a very good job at cannibalizing itself and I am quite proud of it. That’s right, I’m feeding off my own fat stores! I like the idea that my body is cannibalizing itself, something about it feels so strangely funny. As long as I don’t actually have to eat one of my fingers, life will be good. I guess you can say that I have really high standards… um…

Despite by happiness at continuing the downward spiral in which I am continuing, I’m still a brat, I still want certain things faster and more progress in certain areas. I’m a bit bloated today because of my period and it drives me crazy that I look fatter than I really am. Grr.

I have my heart set on a new decade of numbers, though, and I WILL get there. I have to think back pretty far to get back to the 260’s. It was definitely before my accident and I think before my first strong battle with depression. I’m getting giddy at the idea. I’ll be able to wear my pink skirt again *squeak*

I think that I might get out my box of older clothes this weekend and try some things on. I’m sure that most of it probably won’t fit but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised or maybe they will be close and create additional motivation. I can’t wait for when my white skirt fits. I have some really pretty clothing, I just can’t wear 75% of it at this point.

I wonder how many pounds is an inch in weight loss. I think that I read somewhere that it was about five pounds to an inch. I have no idea if that’s true, though. Either way a new decade is calling me.

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