I’ll bet everyone can think of someone in their life who just won’t stop moving. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired, sick, busy, stressed, or medicated they are, and they just keep trucking. I’ve never been that girl. I’m the grumpy little brat that just wants to take a nap. It’s like this, “My pinky hurts, I’m going to have to take the week off so it can recover.” That’s me.

Yet, somehow in the last seven months I’ve transformed Teenage Mutant Ninja style into a hard worker. Not only did I have to be sent home yesterday against my will, I ended up going to my evening job because I felt better. I had also intended to take until Thursday before I started blogging again because thinking critically was hurting my brain but after skipping this weekend, Monday (pretty much), and Skanky Tuesday (tear), I just can’t stay away any more.

I’ve had too many things I want to talk about so here I am. For anyone who is wondering about the lack of goals on Monday, I’m not setting any. Last week fell apart when I got sick and I just want to take the rest of this week to go easy on myself. My mood is better than it’s been in weeks and I’ve got some clarity about where I want to go with not only my job situation but also with my blog. Oh, you know, it’s just a basic world domination plan.

On a completely unrelated note, I need some advice. I know that I’m at a bit of a stalemate until I can get more sleep but in these circumstances I could really use some help. My skin looks like crap. I drink plenty of water and normally I have amazing skin (thanks Mom!) but it looks dull and generally shitty. Any suggestions please!!!

Also, the skin around my eyes looks even worse. It’s totally like “Hello, Night of the Living Dead!” Yeah, that bad. Again besides sleep, what can I do? I don’t normally like supplements, I try to get all of my vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet but I think I might start supplementing for the time being because I know my body doesn’t absorb nutrients as well when its sleep deprived.

Lastly, I’m taking topic ideas for Skanky Tuesdays. I’ve got about a month’s worth of ideas that I’m working on right now but I was curious about what you all want to hear about. So, talk to me baby!

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