It was premeditated and hardly resisted. I wanted a drink… or two.

I went out to a club with my sister to celebrate her birthday and I knew from the second that I walked in that I was going to cheat. I felt pretty confident that the only thing that could make my chubby ass start dancing in public was the loss of inhibitions rum provides, so I got a Mai Tai.

Despite my worries that drinking would start another bout of withdrawals from sugar, I knew that I wanted a drink, that I was probably going to give in, and that it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I gave myself a good talking to about the fact that one (two) cheat was just what it was. It didn’t mean that I had to relapse or go off the healthy eating. I definitely danced off those calories! I did end up having a second one later, but I will get to that, I want to address something else first.

Gals, if anyone out there wants to go dancing but is worried about being the fat girl in the club, don’t. After several fat girl freak out moments, I got up my courage and went and discovered that a club is one place where no one cares in the least about size. I was jumping, shaking, swaying, etc and all that anyone thought of it was that I was yet another person rocking out. I was not the fat girl wannabe or something strange like that. I even had guys wanting to dance with me. One hot guy stuck around the whole time and got my number.

When he first approached, my sister and I had just started dancing and he came up behind me and started dancing. I had no freaking idea what to do. A million things went through my mind. “What, was this poor sap dared to dance with the fatty? He just felt my butt… wait, is he just checking for cash? Is this just an elaborate attempt to rob me? etc…” Eventually, I realized that he just liked how I was dancing and wanted to dance with me. Throughout the evening other guys got close and danced for a few moments with me but in general I suppose that I looked like I was taken so they moved on.

Throughout the evening I was trying my hardest to keep up energy and dance. I had gone into it with the intention of fulfilling the days quote of “get moving” and so I didn’t flinch when I had a good excuse to do so. It was a little annoying that he had such groping hands. He grabbed at my boobs a few times but I couldn’t imagine he would have felt anything interesting because of the stiffness of my bra, I didn’t feel anything all too interesting when he was groping me… poor dude. By 1:00am I needed a second drink to quench my thirst and so that I could keep inhibitions down.

Altogether I wouldn’t say that it was the best behavior ever, I’m not in the habit of letting guys grope me in general, or using alcohol to lower inhibitions, but I still had a blast. Funnily enough, eventually I wished that he would go away so I could just get my groove on without being encumbered. Oh well. There’s always next time.

Oh, and I won’t be returning his calls. I only gave my number so that I could make a more speedy exit.

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