Today I made my membership official at 24 hour fitness. I am really excited about it and hope that I will be good and use it as much as I should. Besides that, today was a pretty good day. I still need to make myself eat one more meal to get enough calories for the day.

I pushed myself harder today in my workout. I did a five minute warmup at 3.0 mph and then fifteen minutes of intervals of 30 seconds at 5.0 mph and 60 seconds at 3.0 mph, ending with a five minute cool down at 2.5 mph. It was tough and I am quite sore now. I was upset, though, that the heart rate monitor on my machine didn’t work. I like to track it because I am trying to get up as high as possible with my heart rate as is needed with High Intensity Interval Training. I’m super tired now and just want to go to sleep but I know that I have some things to do still. I wonder if part of why I am so tired is because I am not eating enough. Odd, I never thought that would be a problem for me. Perhaps this will stop being an issue at all on Monday, though, once I am officially on phase two and can start eating fruit and grains again. It’s a good thing, I had a dream about bread the other night. I also dreamed about soda, though I won’t be partaking in that any time soon if I can help it.

I keep wondering about down the road. Will I still be on the wagon, so to speak, in a year? In two years? In five years? A Decade? What will I look like, how will I feel? Will I give up in a month? The last question is one that keeps creeping back up in my head, will I give up… I have to just stop thinking about the future and take this one day at a time, I cannot imagine my progress before I get there, I cannot set arbitrary goals, I cannot carry the burden of tomorrow when I am living in today.

Today I am exercising and eating well, today I am in love with my new running shoes and pants, today I am noticing the slimming of my face, today I am feeling better and healthier, today I am making progress.

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