I felt really crummy today and just stayed in bed. I’m not getting better. You would think that with all the healthy stuff I’m putting in my body that I would get better sooner. Nope. I can tell that my body is getting smaller. Despite what my measurements told last week it seems like my upper body is giving up the lard faster than the bottom. I saw my reflection in a glass door today and noticed that my hips look much bigger than my upper body, larger than normal. I guess that’s to be expected that I wouldn’t slim down evenly. It will take quite a while until things actually look good.

Today I had a massage therapy appointment but besides that I did absolutely nothing today. I hope that this doesn’t effect my weight too negatively. I didn’t eat much either, though, so I hope that it should be okay. I’ve been using the weigh in to avoid drinking one of those sodas that are in my fridge. I want a soda so much, I wish that they weren’t here at all.

Going back to sleep.

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