It’s an understatement…

“Hi, can I get that sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of the bread and can I also get cabbage added to it. Oh, is there any added sugar in that dressing? Yes, please, do check for me. Thank you. No, I don’t think I’ll have that, can I get this dressing instead? Thank you. Can you also add some cucumbers and extra tomatoes? That’s good, thank you. Oh, you wouldn’t happen to have mushrooms and olives as well, would you? On the salad bar? Can I add it from there? Oh, wonderful! I really appreciate it. No, I wouldn’t like any fries with that. The vegetable side? What were they cooked in? Does that contain any added sugar? It does? No, I think I’ll pass on that too. No, I wouldn’t like any bread on the side either, thank you. Oh, I can get salad bar instead of having these sides? That would be lovely. Would know happen to know if the dressings have added sugar? They do? That’s okay, I have my own in the refrigerator. Oh, no, I wouldn’t like the drink that comes with the special. I’ll just stick with water or a cup of tea.”

Yes, the servers at my work cafeteria know me as “High Maintenance.” No, they do not know my real name.

I’m not insulted. It’s accurate and they don’t mean it maliciously.

So yeah, I’m that girl.

Usually I make my own lunches to avoid this song and dance but when I don’t have time, we all know what happens.

I go to lunch at a less busy time because I know that I will be asking these questions and making sure that what I put in my body is good for me. I might be that girl but I’m not inconsiderate.

What surprises me is not that I do ask all of these questions and ask for customizations, but that most people don’t. So many people pay so little attention to what they’re putting in their bodies. They have no idea that 90% of what they’re eating is laced with extra sugar, salt, or preservatives. To me, this sort of unawareness is simply irresponsible.

So, I hold my High Maintenance title proudly.

I don’t feel a twinge of guilt when I see annoyance in others at my questions and customizations. I’m polite about it but not apologetic.

I just wish that High Maintenance was the norm.

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