Since one of my goals for 2010 was to make weekly goals, it seems like a pretty good time to do so for the upcoming week. I wasn’t exactly specific, though, about what sort of goals or how many, so I will just have to wing it for this week.

1. Research nutrition plans and pick one – Yes, I am referring to what most call diets, but because I am trying to avoid the mentality of going ON a diet.

2. Get my classes in order and get started! – I’ve already registered tentatively, but I registered on purpose for classes that I knew I didn’t want to take so that I could switch later. I had to be in something to be enrolled and if I have to end up taking those classes I won’t mind, but they aren’t really in the plan.

3. Go to sleep by 2:00 am – This one is extremely difficult for me. It shouldn’t be, but it always is.

4. Finish cleaning my room… Yeah.

5. Mail in request for Experian Credit Report – I can’t fix anything until I know my situation.

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