Besides the shrinking of my ass I’m noticing some other differences while I’m losing weight. I want it bad. Yes, that. Exactly what you think I mean. I feel like a cat in heat. Yes, it is that bad. I realize this this falls directly in the category of TMI, or as a friend of mine would say, “Inside the sharing box,” but I’m being honest on this thing, right? Well, here’s me being honest.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if this is factually based but this is what I was told by a health care professional.

Apparently estrogen is stored in your fat cells and when you lose weight and those fat cells shrink it releases the estrogen and it makes you feel like you just discovered the statue of David in the dictionary (Don’t even try to say you didn’t look… that’s one sexy statue).

Now on to what I was talking about in my title. Sleep. Yes, I realize it’s a little cheesy to combine the two posts but they were the two things on my mind this morning and I am a sexually frusturated virgin so sleeping is all the action my bed sees anyway. As a sidenote, this postcard was displayed on my dorm door the last year I was at school at my conservative Christian college. Needless to say; it ruffled a few feather but I liked it.

For the past few days I haven’t been getting enough sleep and I always feel it right away. I’m not one of those who does well while sleep deprived. I want it and I need it. Spending quality time with my pillow is probably more important to me than lots of other things. I just don’t function well when I’m not properly rested. My body holds on to weight, my skin looks terrible, and my brain is sluggish. Last night I only got about five hours of sleep because I was up too late trying to make progress on redesigning my blog. I’ve decided that it looks a little… um… middle school emo. I’ve been working on it for about a month but I don’t have very much spare time and I’m not actually trained in any of that stuff. I’m winging it.

Stupidly I didn’t go to sleep until 1:00am and then slept poorly because I was dreading having to wake up. Sleep is such an important part of weight loss and should never be overlooked. To anyone reading this, get your rest!

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