Last night was pretty awesome. I was listening to the radio and they were giving away concert tickets to a show that I had wanted to go to but that I didn’t want to pay for. Call me cheap. Well, having only once tried to win concert tickets… I think I was in fourth grade and really wanted to go to the Spice Girls concert (Omg, did I just admit to that?). I did not win and concluded that it was pointless to ever try to win anything from the radio.

Last night, though, I decided to try just for the hell of it. It was after 9:00pm so I wasn’t using cell phone minutes. What did I have to lose? I won. I couldn’t believe it. Please for a moment imagine me doing the dumbest looking happy dance you can think of. Yep, that’s the one.

In light of that I decided that today was the day to give out some coupons that I’ve had in my drawer for a few weeks.

Mountain High Yoghurt was nice enough to send me come coupons to give away. For the sake of full disclosure I will tell you all that I asked them for the coupons because I eat their Fat Free Vanilla Yoghurt with breakfast every morning. I’m not yet a big of a deal enough to be offered free stuff.

I freaking love this yogurt. It has this really amazing texture and flavor. Then again, it is vanilla and I love all things vanilla so I’m not exactly impartial but I have also had the plain flavor which I like but not as much as I like the vanilla.

Now, it does have sugar in it but its crystalline fructose which is a lower GI than other natural sweeteners. To jack their exact words from their website “Crystalline fructose has a much lower Glycemic index (23) than sugar (65), high fructose corn syrup (62), cane juice, and other sweeteners. The Glycemic index is a tool used to measure how quickly a carbohydrate gets released into the body. Because crystalline fructose is metabolized more slowly by your body, it doesn’t cause insulin surges. Foods with a high Glycemic index can cause insulin spikes and result in cravings for more sweet, high-Glycemic foods, creating a vicious cycle that can ultimately lead to weight gain, diabetes, and other problems.”

Mountain High also has not Artificial Growth Hormones in their yogurt and an ingredient list where I know what everything is.


You should check out their website because they do have cool recipes that use yogurt and they give away monthly coupons generally for $0.50 off. I do love coupons.

I have three coupons to give away. They are each for a free 32oz container of any variety of Mountain High Yogurt. That’s basically a week of deliciousness.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

1) Comment telling me how you like to use yogurt.
2) Post a link back and comment telling me that you did so
3) Tweet about it

I suppose I should have officially mentioned that I am on twitter now and you can follow me @KendraForrest.

The contest will go until Friday, June 11 night at 11:59 PST. Winners will be announced this weekend.

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