I have a tendency to start over every year in February. Maybe it’s part of me always being late to the table or just that I don’t like to do things the same way as everyone else, but I just don’t like to do the January thing. Besides, January is almost never a very good month for me so as far as I’m concerned, January can kiss my ass.

Let’s talk about February. I love it. It’s a mischievous little month. It likes to be different and every so often tricks you by just plain adding a day. Plus that silent R is pretty sexy. So, I’ll just start my year with February, thankyouverymuch.


1. Start cooking again. My long held habit of making food at the beginning of the week and eating those meals throughout the week has probably been one of the greatest reasons for my success thus far. I’ve had good reasons to not be able to cook but I’ve also felt the difference in how I feel because of the quality of food I’ve been eating.

2. Work my way back into regular workouts. I had good reason for a while to not be working out but as my bottle of antibiotics is nearing gone, so are those reasons. I want to focus on strength training over running for now because while I love running, I don’t have a new race scheduled yet and strength training will lessen the likelihood of future running injuries.

3. Make weight loss, not boys, my focus this month. Let’s face it; I’ve been a little… distracted over the last few months. Weight loss has not been my number one priority. Maybe, just maybe, I can handle 28 days of focusing on something else.

4. Start the job search. I have until March 31 before my current contract expires. My supervisor did give me permission to take something sooner if I needed to and I really ought not to wait until the last minute before I start looking. Say, do you know any companies in Seattle looking for a highly productive assistant who also randomly breaks into song and dance?

5. Move to a new apartment. I hesitated roughly a bajillion times to actually make this a goal because it’s SCAAAAAARY. Why is it scary? Because the move that I’m strongly considering will see me giving up my car, increasing my cost of rent, and becoming a full fledged urbanite in one of the coolest neighborhoods in downtown Seattle (in my not so humble opinion). I mean, am I really ready to be hip? I still wear headbands with bows… Um, it will also be the first time I’ve been independent since my accident.

6. Set a budget. Honestly, I’ve always just kind of winged it when it comes to money. Don’t judge. No, actually, go ahead. That totally deserves it. Seeing as I’m all growed up now, I should actually take some responsibility for some things in my life. I mean, I need to make sure that I can properly afford headbands and vodka… and rent.

So, I’ve got a lot to accomplish this month but I think it’s doable. I guess we could call this “Get My Shit Together Month.” Yep, that’s catchy.

What are your goals for February?

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