On Monday I mentioned briefly what is now being called the Marie Antoinette Incident™ where the trunk of my car shut on my neck (guillotine anyone?) that somehow caused a slight concussion. Well, my head feels back to normal, but the rest of me does not. I have this pain that has been slowly spreading through my shoulder, down my arm, down my back, and into my left leg.Yesterday I thought I was in pain because of my tiredness, last night I woke up throughout the night in pain again. Today I’m still in pain. I’m thinking maybe this is bad. Time to see a doctor? I think so.

Image now, if you will, every four letter word you can think of…. welcome to my thoughts.

I’m not just trying to use this as an excuse, it may have done more damage than I thought. Moving around in general has been so painful for the last few days. Now I remember why I had been perpetually grumpy for a while. Pain is not conducive to a peppy outlook. Suck.

I had to fight with myself today to not make this a ranty, word-vomit style post. No one needs to hear my momentary superbitch angry thoughts. I never tolerate them for very long anyway and my outlook is better now even if I am still hurting.

I generally think it’s best to avoid emotional explosions on my blog. I’ve always wanted this to be a place that is helpful to others and my hissyfits would not be.Check out Hollaback Health today for more on boundaries in blogging. It will be up later today and I will update the link once it is posted.

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