Please pretend that this post was done two weeks ago. Thanx.

My first post ever was called Ten Goals for 2010… no, scratch that, I just went back and looked and saw that I wrote one called “A New Weight Loss Blog” first. Damn, what a genius title that was.


In the spirit complete and utter unoriginality, let’s just repeat the exercise. It worked pretty well last time. Although I didn’t complete all of the goals, I did much better than I’ve ever done with yearly goals. I think that I have this blog to thank for that. (And sounds the collective “awwww”)

Let’s take a look at how I did:

1. Debt Control – It’s really pointless to go into the details of this one because I really put no effort into it.

2. Weight – I lost 50lbs! (And sound the collective “motherfucking YEAH!”)

3. Health (Sleep) – While I still have trouble sleeping, I’ve improved exponentially in this area. I might not make my midnight bedtime every night but for the most part I do and am able to get my ass out of bed without flinging myself up at 8:00am.

4. Living Situation – I didn’t move out. I did look at an apartment but it was terrible and I really wasn’t that committed to this one. I am now, though.

5. Make mini monthly and weekly goals – I did this for almost every month and most weeks so let’s call this one a success.

6. School – I started… and then I stopped. The money just wasn’t there at the right times.

7. Music – I worked for a few months with a piano teacher again but I didn’t put enough effort forward here. I think that fear had a lot to do with why I just let this go. I talked to a voice teacher but never actually started singing again.

8. Vanity – I did, in fact, whiten my teeth and maintain my eyebrows. Not only that but I also learned how to make my hair look like slightly less of a hot mess. Can you say flying colors?

9. Travel – I didn’t leave the country or acquire a passport but I did make a few trips to California to see friends and family. That was good enough for me.

10. Job – I definitely completed both parts of this one. I now have a full time job that is much better than what I was doing before.

With the theme of “The Year In Which I Get What I Want,” here are eleven goals for 2011.

  1. Fitness
    1. Run a 5K without stopping.
    2. Be able to do 10 push-ups, badass style, not the girl ones.
    3. Do exercises that increase my flexibility again.
  2. Money
    1. Pay off the old credit card debts and misc debts
    2. Make and abide by a budget
  3. School
    1. Go back, get GPA back up,
    2. Prepare material for scholarship contests
  4. Social Life
    1. Make it a priority to spend time with friends and invest in relationships
  5. Standing my Ground
    1. Continue to gain confidence to make my own decisions and not seek approval of others.
  6. Music
    1. Start working with a private teacher again for both piano and voice
    2. Work of Music Theory
  7. Vanity
    1. Get underarms and legs waxed (I really hate shaving my underarms, it’s the only place where I get razor burn… it’s just ridiculous.)
    2. Try Latisse. I already have amazing eyelashes but it would be cool to have even better ones.
  8. Job
    1. Get a higher paying position
  9. Weight Loss
    1. Lose another 50 lbs
  10. Health (Non-weight related)
    1. Fix the Vitamin D and Iron situation
    2. Get my teeth fixed (long story)
  11. Living Situation
    1. Move into downtown and see how I like it.

So, what are your goals for this year?

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